Hyundai Santa Fe: Body (Interior and Exterior) / Rear Bumper

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Rear Bumper

Radiator Grill. Repair procedures

Replacement    • Put on gloves to prevent hand injuries...

Components and components location


Other information:

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Owner's Manual: Surround View Monitor (SVM)

Surround View Monitor can help assist in parking using the cameras installed on the vehicle and displays images around the vehicle through the infotainment system screen. Parking Assist View function helps the driver to see the surroundings of the vehicle in a parking situation in various view modes...

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual: Fuel Sender. Repair procedures

Removal 1. Remove the fuel pump. (Refer to Fuel System - "Fuel Pump") 2. Disconnect the fuel sender connector (A). 3. Release the fixing hook (A) and then remove fuel sender (B) in the arrow direction...


Interior Overview

1. Inside door handle
2. Power window switches
3. Power window lock button/Electronic child safety lock button
4. Side view mirror folding button
5. Side view mirror control switch
6. Central door lock switch
7. Instrument panel illumination control switch

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