Hyundai Santa Fe: Mirrors / Reverse parking aid

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Owner's Manual / Convenience features / Mirrors / Reverse parking aid

When the gear is shifted to the R (Reverse) position, the side view mirror(s) will rotate downwards to aid with driving in reverse.

The position of the side view mirror switch (1) determines whether or not the mirrors will move:

Left/Right : When either the L (Left) or R (Right) switch is selected, both side view mirrors will move.

Neutral : When neither switch is selected, the outside rearview mirrors will not move.

The side view mirrors will automatically revert to their original positions if any of the following occur:

  • The Engine Start/Stop button is pressed to either the OFF position or the ACC position.
  • The gear is shifted to any position except R (Reverse).
  • The side view mirror adjustment button is not selected.

    Folding the side view mirror

    Manual type To fold the side view mirror, grasp the housing of the mirror and then fold it toward the rear of the vehicle. Electric type The side view mirror can be folded or unfolded by pressing the switch...



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    After the vehicle stops, when an approaching vehicle from the rear area is detected as soon as a passenger opens a door, Safe Exit Assist will warn the driver with a warning message and an audible warning to help prevent a collision. In addition, when the electronic child safety lock button is in the LOCK position and an approaching vehicle from the rear area is detected, the electronic child safety lock button will not unlock even if the driver presses the button to prevent the rear doors from opening...

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    Air bag collision sensors


    To reduce the risk of an air bag deploying unexpectedly and causing serious injury or death:

    Do not hit or allow any objects to impact the locations where air bags or sensors are installed. Do not perform maintenance on or around the air bag sensors. If the location or angle of the sensors is altered, the air bags may deploy when they should not or may not deploy when they should. Installing bumper guards with nongenuine Hyundai or non-equivalent parts may adversely affect the collision and airbag deployment performance. Press the Engine Start/Stop button to the OFF or ACC position and wait for 3 minutes when the vehicle is being towed to prevent inadvertent air bag deployment. Have all air bag repairs performed by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

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