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In some circumstances resetting the power liftgate operation may need to be performed. Some instances where resetting the power liftgate may be required include:

  • When the 12-volt battery is recharged
  • When the 12-volt battery is reinstalled after removal or replacement
  • When the related fuse is reinstalled after removal or replacement

1. With the engine off or running, put the gear in P (Park).

2. Press the power liftgate open/close inner button (A) and outer button (B) simultaneously until a chime sounds.

3. Slowly close the liftgate manually.

4. Press the power liftgate open/close outer button. The power liftgate will open with a chime sound.

Wait until the liftgate fully opens to complete resetting. If the liftgate stops before it is fully open, resetting cannot be completed.


If the power liftgate does not operate properly after the above procedure, have the system inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

    Setting the power liftgate

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