Hyundai Santa Fe: Roof Trim / Assist Handle. Repair procedures

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Roof Trim / Assist Handle. Repair procedures

Put on gloves to prevent hand injuries.
When removing with a flat-tip screwdriver or remover, wrap protective tape around the tools to prevent damage to components.
When removing the interior trim pieces, use a plastic panel removal tool not to damage the surface.
Take care not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.
After lifting up the assist handle caps and loosening the mounting screws, remove the assist handle (A).

To install, reverse removal procedure.

    Assist Handle. Components and components location


    Roof Trim Assembly. Components and components location


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    Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual: Mechanism Rail. Repair procedures

    Replacement 1. Remove the roof trim. 2. Remove the movable glass. (Panorama sunroof - refer "Movable Glass") 3. Remove the roller blind...

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    Electric Power Steering (EPS) warning light. Charging system warning light

    Electric Power Steering (EPS) warning light

    This warning light illuminates:

    When you set the ignition switch or the Engine Start/Stop button to the ON position.
    - The electric power steering warning light illuminates for about 3 seconds and then goes off. Whenever there is a malfunction with the electric power steering.
    If this occurs, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

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