Hyundai Santa Fe: Restraint / Special service tools

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual / Restraint / Special service tools

Special Service Tools
Tool(Number and Name)
Deployment tool

Airbag deployment tool.
Use with (0957A-AL140, 0957A-AL160)

Simulator to check the resistanceof each wiring harness.
Use with (0957A-AL170, 0957A-AL190)
Airbag deployment & dummy adapter kit

Use with airbag deployment and airbag inspection.
Deployment adapter

Use with deployment tool.
(0957A-34100A) (DAB, PAB, CAB, BPT)
Deployment adapter

Use with deployment tool.
(0957A-34100A) (SAB)
Dummy adapter

Use with dummy.
(0957A-38200) (DAB, PAB, CAB, BPT)
Dummy adapter

Use with dummy.
(0957A-38200) (SAB)

DAB : Driver Airbag
PAB : Passenger Airbag
SAB : Side Airbag
CAB : Curtain Airbag
KAB : Knee Airbag
BPT : Seat Belt Pretensioner


    Tightening Torques Item N.m kgf.m lb-ft Passenger Air Bag 7...

    General safety information and caution

    Precautions General Precautions Please read the following precautions carefully before performing the airbag system service. Observe the instructions described in this manual, or the airbags could accidentally deploy and cause damage or injuries...

    Other information:

    Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual: Door Step Trim. Repair procedures

       • Put on gloves to protect your hands.    • When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape, and apply protective tape around the related parts, to prevent damage...

    Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual: Transaxle Control Module (TCM). Description and operation

    Description • Monitoring the vehicle's operating conditions to determine the optimal gear setting. • Performing a gear change if the current gear setting differs from the identified optimal gear setting...


    Engine oil pressure warning light. Low fuel level warning light

    Engine oil pressure warning light

    This warning light illuminates:

    When the engine oil pressure is low.

    If the engine oil pressure is low:

    1. Drive carefully to the nearest safe location and stop your vehicle.

    2. Turn the engine off and check the engine oil level (For more details, refer to “Engine Oil” section in chapter 9). If the level is low, add oil as required.

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