Hyundai Santa Fe: Head-Up Display (HUD) / Precautions while using the head-up display

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2023 Owner's Manual / Convenience features / Head-Up Display (HUD) / Precautions while using the head-up display

  • It may sometimes be difficult to read information on the Head-Up Display in the following situations.
    - The driver is improperly positioned in the driver’s seat
    - The driver wears polarizing-filter sunglasses
    - An object is located above the head-up display cover
    - The vehicle is driven on a wet road
    - Any improper lighting accessory is installed inside the vehicle, or there is incoming light from outside of the vehicle
    - The driver wears glasses
    - The driver wears contact lenses
    When it is difficult to read the Head- Up Display information, adjust the image height or brightness level from the Settings menu in the infotainment system screen.
  • For your safety, make sure to stop the vehicle before adjusting the settings.
  • Do not tint the front windshield glass or add other types of metallic coating. Otherwise, the Head-Up Display image may be invisible.
  • Do not place any accessories on the crash pad or attach any objects on the windshield glass.
  • When replacing the front windshield glass, replace it with a windshield glass designed for Head-Up Display operation. Otherwise, duplicated images may be displayed on the windshield glass.


Blind-Spot Collision Warning warnings on the Head-Up Display are supplemental. Do not solely depend on them to change lanes. Always take a look around before changing lanes.

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