Hyundai Santa Fe: Automatic Transaxle Control System / Shift Lever. Repair procedures

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Service Manual / Automatic Transaxle System (SBC) / Automatic Transaxle Control System / Shift Lever. Repair procedures

Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.
Remove the shift knob & boots.
Separate the shift boots (A).

Pull the shift knob and then removing the shift knob & boots (A).

Remove the floor console assembly.
(Refer to Body - "Floor Console")
Remove the floor console air duct (A) and then disconnect the connector (B).

Remove the snap pin (A) and then separate the shift cable (B).

When assembling shift cable, the projection (A) must face upwards.

When assembling the snap pin, be careful about the correct direction.
- The band portion (A) must point to the front of the vehicle.
- The band portion (A) must point outwards.

Remove the bolts and then shift lever assembly (A).
Tightening torque :
8.8 - 13.7 N.m (0.9 - 1.4 kgf.m, 6.5 - 10.1 lb-ft)

To install, reverse the removal procedure.
Install the cable after placing the shift lever and the manual control lever in the N position.

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    The armrest is located in the center of the rear seat. Pull the armrest down from the seatback to use it.

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