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Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Owner's Manual / Convenience features / Climate control additional features / Auto defogging system

Auto defogging helps reduce the possibility of fogging up the inside of the windshield by automatically sensing the moisture on inside the windshield.

The auto defogging system operates when the heater or air conditioning is on.


The auto defogging system may not operate normally, when the outside temperature is below 14°F (10°C).

When the Auto Defogging System operates, the indicator will illuminate.

If a high amount of humidity is detected in the vehicle, the Auto Defogging System will be enabled. The following steps will be performed automatically:

Step 1) Air conditioning will turn ON.
Step 2) Air intake control will change to Fresh mode.
Step 3) Mode will change to defrost to direct airflow to the windshield.
Step 4) Fan speed will be set to MAX.

If the air conditioning is off or recirculation mode is manually selected while Auto Defogging System is ON, the Auto Defogging System indicator will blink 3 times to signal that the manual operation has been canceled.

Turning the Auto Defogging System ON or OFF

Climate control system

Press the front windshield defroster button for 3 seconds when the Engine Start/Stop button is in the ON position. When the Auto Defogging System is turned off, the ADS OFF symbol will blink 3 times and ADS OFF will be displayed on the climate control information screen.

When the Auto Defogging System is turned on, the ADS OFF symbol will blink 6 times without a signal.

Infotainment system

Auto Defogging System can be turned on and off by selecting 'Setup - Vehicle Settings - Climate - Defrog/Defrost Options - Auto Defrog' from the infotainment system screen. For detailed information, refer to the separately supplied infotainment system manual.


  • When the air conditioning is turned on by Auto Defogging System, if you try to turn off the air conditioning, the indicator will blink 3 times and the air conditioning will not be turned off.
  • To maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the Auto Defogging System, do not select Recirculation mode while the system is operating.
  • When Auto Defogging System is operating, fan speed adjustment, temperature adjustment, and air intake control selection are all disabled.


Do not remove the sensor cover located on the upper end of the windshield glass.

Damage to system parts could occur and may not be covered by your vehicle warranty.

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