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The AC inverter supplies 115V/150W electric power to operate electric accessories or equipments.


  • Rated voltage : AC 115 volts
  • Maximum electric power : 150 watts
  • In order to avoid an electrical system failure, electric shock, etc., be sure to read owner’s manual before use.
  • Be sure to close the cover except the time of use.


To reduce a risk of serious or fatal injuries:

  • Do not use a heated electric device such as a coffeepot, toaster, heater, iron, etc.
  • Do not insert foreign objects into the outlet and do not touch the outlet as you may get shocked.
  • Do not let children touch the AC inverter.


  • To help prevent the battery from being discharged, do not use the AC inverter while the engine is not running.
  • When not using the AC inverter, make sure to close the AC inverter cover.
  • After using an electric accessory or equipment, pull the plug out. Leaving the accessory or equipment plugged in for a long time may cause battery discharge.
  • Do not use an electric accessory or equipment the power consumption of which is greater than 220 volts/200 watts.
  • Some electric accessories or equipment can cause electronic interference. It may cause excessive audio noise and malfunctions in other electric systems or devices in the vehicle.
  • Do not use broken electric accessories or equipment, which may damage the AC inverter and electrical systems of the vehicle.
  • Do not use two or more electric accessories or equipment at the same time. It may cause damage to the electrical systems of the vehicle.
  • When the input voltage is lower, outlet LED will blink and the AC inverter will turn off automatically. If the input voltage goes up to normal, the AC inverter will turn on again.

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    Interior Overview

    1. Inside door handle
    2. Power window switches
    3. Power window lock button/Electronic child safety lock button
    4. Side view mirror folding button
    5. Side view mirror control switch
    6. Central door lock switch
    7. Instrument panel illumination control switch

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