Hyundai Santa Fe: Parking Safety / Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Owner's Manual / Driver assistance system / Parking Safety / Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist is designed to help detect vehicles approaching from the left and right side while your vehicle is reversing, and warn the driver that a collision is imminent with a warning message and an audible warning. Also, braking is assisted to help prevent a collision.

[A] : Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning operating range, [B] : Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist operating range


The time of warning may vary depending on vehicle speed of the approaching vehicle.


In the following text, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist will be referred as Rear Cross-Traffic Safety system.

Detecting sensor

[1] : Rear corner radar

Refer to the picture above for the detailed location of the detecting sensors.


For more details on the precautions of the rear corner radar, refer to “Blind- Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)” section in chapter 7.

System malfunction and limitations

System malfunction When Surround View Monitor is not working properly, or the screen flickers, or the camera image does not display normally, we recommend that the system be inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer...

System settings

Setting functions for the system Rear Cross-Traffic Safety With the engine on, select ‘Driver Assistance → Parking Safety → Rear Cross- Traffic Safety’ from the Settings menu to turn on Rear Cross-Traffic Safety system and deselect to turn off the system...

Other information:

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This function alerts driver when you get out of a car while the passengers remain in the 2nd row seat. If the front door is opened with passengers in the 2nd row seats, A warning message will appear in the instrument cluster. After the 1st warning if movement is detected in the 2nd row seat after all doors are locked, a second audible warning will be triggered...

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Owner's Manual: Seat cushion extension adjustment (for driver's seat)

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Electric Power Steering (EPS) warning light. Charging system warning light

Electric Power Steering (EPS) warning light

This warning light illuminates:

When you set the ignition switch or the Engine Start/Stop button to the ON position.
- The electric power steering warning light illuminates for about 3 seconds and then goes off. Whenever there is a malfunction with the electric power steering.
If this occurs, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

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