Hyundai Santa Fe: Automatic transmission / Paddle shifter (Manual shift mode)

Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2024 Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Automatic transmission / Paddle shifter (Manual shift mode)

The paddle shifter is available when the shift button is in the D (Drive) position or the manual shift mode.

With the shift button in the D position

The paddle shifter will operate when the vehicle speed is more than 6 mph.

Pull the [+] or [-] paddle shifter once to shift up or down one gear and the system changes from automatic mode to manual shift mode.

In the manual shift mode, pull the [+] or [-] paddle shifter once to shift up or down one gear.

To change back to automatic shift mode from manual shift mode, do one of the followings :

- Pull the [+] paddle shifter for more than one second
- Press the D button.

The manual shift mode also changes back to automatic shift mode in one of following situations

- When the accelerator pedal is gently depressed for more than 6 seconds while driving
- When the vehicle stops


If the [+] and [-] paddle shifters are pulled at the same time, gear shift may not occur.

    LCD display message (button type)

    Shifting conditions not met. Reduce speed, then shift The warning message appears on the LCD display, when engine RPM is too high, or when driving speed is too fast to shift the gear...

    Good driving practices

    Never move the shift button from P (Park) or N (Neutral) to any other position with the accelerator pedal depressed. Never move the shift button into P (Park) when the vehicle is in motion...

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    Air bag collision sensors


    To reduce the risk of an air bag deploying unexpectedly and causing serious injury or death:

    Do not hit or allow any objects to impact the locations where air bags or sensors are installed. Do not perform maintenance on or around the air bag sensors. If the location or angle of the sensors is altered, the air bags may deploy when they should not or may not deploy when they should. Installing bumper guards with nongenuine Hyundai or non-equivalent parts may adversely affect the collision and airbag deployment performance. Press the Engine Start/Stop button to the OFF or ACC position and wait for 3 minutes when the vehicle is being towed to prevent inadvertent air bag deployment. Have all air bag repairs performed by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

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