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Hyundai Santa Fe (TM) 2019-2023 Owner's Manual / Seats & Safety System / Seats / Head Restraints

The vehicle’s front and rear (second row and/or third row) seats have adjustable head restraints. The head restraints provide comfort for passengers, but more importantly they are designed to help protect passengers from whiplash and other neck and spinal injuries during an accident, especially in a rear impact collision.


To reduce the risk of serious injury or death in an accident, take the following precautions when adjusting your head restraints:

  • Always properly adjust the head restraints for all passengers BEFORE starting the vehicle.
  • NEVER let anyone ride in a seat with the head restraints removed or reversed.
  • Adjust the head restraints so the middle of the head restraints is at the same height as the height of the top of the eyes.
  • NEVER adjust the head restraints position of the driver’s seat when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Adjust the head restraints as close to the passenger’s head as possible. Do not use a seat cushion that holds the body away from the seatback.
  • Make sure the head restraints locks into position after adjusting it.


When sitting on the rear seat, do not adjust the height of the head restraints to the lowest position.


When there is no occupant in the rear seats, adjust the height of the head restraints to the lowest position. The rear seat head restraints can reduce the visibility of the rear area.


To prevent damage, NEVER hit or pull on the head restraints.

Rear occupant alert system (2nd seat)

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The armrest is located in the center of the rear seat. Pull the armrest down from the seatback to use it.

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